How To: Draw the double team with Lebron James

Draw the double team with Lebron James

LeBron is a threat, no matter what the defense throws at him. See how he uses the art of deception to find a way to score even when he's not shooting. First ask for the ball. Second make a move to draw the 2nd defender. Third pass the ball to the open man.

When you're hot, the defense will look to shut you down by any means necessary. Take advantage of the double coverage and score without the ball.

1. Call for the rock

When you're in the post, use your body to box out your defender and protect the entry pass.

2. Test your defender

Let your teammates make their moves to clear space and set up isolation along the baseline. Fake a pass to test the reflexes of you defender or to throw them off balance.

3. Jab step

Face up your defender in the triple threat position, giving you a starting point for a range of options: shooting, passing and driving. Jab step your defender to get them off balance and set up your next move.

4. Spot the double team

Keep your eye on the defense and be prepared for the help to come. When help does arrive, keep your eyes open for your open man.

5. Create space and pass

Once the double team is in place take a step back using a strong bait dribble to pull the two defenders further away from the basket and your teammate. When your open teammate has settled into his position use a strong overhead pass to hit him for two points.

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