How To: Pump fake with Manu Ginobili

Pump fake with Manu Ginobili

Manu Ginobili shows how to do his PimP fake! This is best when you're on fire and got the defender worried about you getting three-pointers. If he falls for it, draw the contact and it can make your jumper from 2 to an and 1 situation. This is a Nike Signature Moves video.

Create space from your defender so you have room to receive the pass and time to set up the play.

Fake a hard drive to one side with one strong dribble to get your defender off balance.

Dribble behind your back to prevent the steal and blow by the defender to your right.

To get your defender off his feet, step back and give him a hard pump fake. While he's in the air, initiate contact to draw the foul.

Once you've absorbed the contact maintain your balance and elevate. Then release your shot.

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