How To: Fake and pass the ball like LeBron James

Fake and pass the ball like LeBron James

How to do the Lebron James signature move fake & pass is as easy as a couple of steps. LB23 is a basketball / NBA legend and he's only 24 years old. He is the next Michael Jordan! Watch his Signature Move from Nike.

Start by creating space, then crossover dribble, drive and pass it off to a teammate.

You're a threat from all over the court, so the defense is looking to keep you from scoring. Use that threat to create opportunities for your teammates.

1. Create space

Test your defender's reaction with a series of dribbles as you wait for your offense to settle into position. Use these dribbles to make your defender think you're headed to the rim.

2. Crossover dribble

To shake your defender and to clear a path into the lane, stop sharp and cut in the opposite direction with a quick bounce to your other hand.

3. Drive

Drive hard into the lane, making the defense react and close on you.

4. Pass

Take advantage of the collapsing defense to find your open man and pass him the ball for the three. Be sure to avoid the charge.

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Good move, i shld try that ! thx Lebron!!

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